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Making an Initial Appointment

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Scheduling your First Appointment:

STEP 1: Call the Counseling Center at (949) 824-6457 or come in person and ask to make an “initial appointment”. The receptionist will assist you in finding the first available appointment that fits your schedule.

If your situation is urgent and requires immediate attention, you may request to see the urgent care therapist.

STEP 2: Arrive on time for your appointment in order to allow time to fill out the required forms. The forms take around 30 minutes to complete.  These forms must be completed before you speak with your therapist, and if you do not allow adequate timeto complete them the time you have to speak with the therapist may be reduced or your appointment may have to be rescheduled..

The Counseling Center is located across Ring Road from the bookstore, next to the Career Center on the 2nd floor.

After your initial appointment you and your therapist will decide what services will be most helpful to you. These services may include individual or group therapy at the Counseling Center, or a referral to your medical insurance's behavioral health plan, and/or other campus and community resources.

It will be helpful for you to identify what kind of insurance you have before your initial appointment. You can contact the Student Health Center insurance office at (949) 824-2388 to check if you are enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Helpful Information:

What to Expect from Counseling (pdf)
Brief letter describing the counseling process

Group Services Brochure (pdf)
Contains detailed description of groups offered at the Counseling Center as well as information on how to join groups.